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Efficient route planning helps food delivery services

May 30, 2014     ShareThis
Efficient delivery service example

Time is of the essence for food delivery services because the products need to arrive in the freshest condition possible. Route planning can help companies that specialize in food delivery — offering you a way to optimize delivery routes and provide the best customer service to your clients.

Complex Routing Features

Online route planning offers advanced features to ensure food service companies can deliver their products in a timely and cost-efficient manner. The key is automation — software that will develop routes based on fastest time or shortest distance as well as work with estimated stop times that may vary.
Route changes are easy because the route exists online. A dispatcher can quickly make last-minute alterations to routes and send the information directly to the drivers. The result is a route plan that will reduce your transportation costs, increase driver productivity and improve customer service.

Managing Multiple Routes

It’s common for food delivery service companies to have more than one vehicle for multiple delivery routes as well as routes that vary daily. Online route planning can help assign customer orders to different routes, making sure each route is balanced. Route planning also helps with efficient truck loading and optimizes the time of multiple drivers.
Efficient routes help food service delivery companies reduce overhead costs, including fuel costs, overtime and food waste. Just import your list of addresses, watch the software do its thing, and then simply export the finished route to an email address, GPS or mobile device.

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