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Discover the Best Truck Route Mapping App

February 21, 2023
The best truck mapping app

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to improve your service, save money, and become a more efficient, well-oiled machine. The trick is to strike a balance between lowering costs without compromising on the service or taking anything away from your customers and employees. For example, let’s say you attempted to offer your customers a 24-hour delivery promise on service and goods but, didn’t have the human power and resources to fulfill this without having your employees running around like headless chickens. Well, that’s just not sustainable. Your delivery drivers will likely burn out and not be operating at their optimal level, not to mention they’ll probably be miserable and begin to resent the company.
In this article, we’re going to share the secret that allows delivery truck business owners and their employees to operate more efficiently than ever before without burning out, letting down customers, or cutting corners. – Keep reading to take your service to the next level!
The best way to increase your workflow productivity, keep your employees happy, and seamlessly meet your customers’ needs is to unlock your efficiency by nailing your truck route mapping.

The current issue

Whether your trucks specialize in delivery refrigerators, individual packages, construction materials, or whatever, the reality is that your truck drivers spend an excessive amount of time on the road. It’s part of the gig, and of course, they know this before they come aboard. But, something that not everyone realizes until they live it day in and day out is just how much time is spent attempting to find the ideal truck route map to complete their deliveries.

The desire

Both business owners or truck drivers want to spend hours staring at truck route maps trying to piece together the optimal delivery route. They just want their drivers to be able to climb aboard the loaded truck, hit a button, and set off on their journey without wasting time fussing about and juggling multiple delivery stops and potential truck route maps. Less time spent organizing means more time spent driving, which means you can take on a higher load of delivery promises from customers and more delivery contracts.

The solution

You still need skilled and trusted drivers to drive your truck route maps (we’re not exactly there yet with AI). But you can eliminate the stress and time involved in truck route mapping with a comprehensive routing app, MyRouteOnline. This app takes away the pressure of painstakingly figuring out the most efficient driving route and does it in a wink of the time it would have taken you or your team to do so.

Functions of MyRouteOnline

MyRouteOnline offers a comprehensive solution for professional truck route mapping.

Now, this app will help you with your truck route mapping in a way that you’ve never experienced before. Beyond being an up-to-date GPS navigational system, the app is designed for users to save time and ease in their business and lives. The app has a ton of features that go far beyond a typical in-vehicle GPS.
A handful of these include:

  • Exporting client data and delivery points from current software (such as excel) to free up time and create ease when inputting daily delivery locations.
  • Planning multi-stop journeys up to 1000 stops!
  • Conducting long-haul truck route mapping, including multiple days’ journeys, long distances, and multiple stops.
  • Remember and store repeat addresses for quick, easy access in the future.
  • Hone in and prioritize individual driver goals. For example, you can choose to prioritize time over distance.
  • Where app users have seen costs saved

  • App users have noted a significant decrease in time spent on the road per journey (time saved).
  • App users have shared that they are able to take on more delivery contracts and complete more journeys, increasing their regular income (money saved).
  • App users have seen significant decreases in employee time spent on orchestrating truck route maps (time saved).
  • Additional perks (that you could be experiencing!)

  • Business owners are able to give their time and attention to other areas to progress the business further.
  • Customers are happier than ever before with the delivery times and level of service.
  • Driver stress levels have significantly decreased, and they have shared higher levels of job satisfaction.
  • Creating an efficient and high-performing truck route map was once a grueling task; let’s be honest, that’s the kind of task that no one is excited to dig their hands into! But now, MyRouteOnline offers a comprehensive solution to delivery truck drivers and business owners. As a result, hundreds of others in these fields have made the switch and not looked back. Make the switch now!
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