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Delivery Tracking

December 29, 2022
Delivery Tracking

A Driver route tracker is a great investment for any delivery-based business. In the world of ecommerce and online shopping keeping track of deliveries and drivers is important to keep your customers up to date and happy, your schedule accurate, and routes optimized for the future.
Whether you operate as a trucking company, ecommerce delivery service, or an independent truck driver learn how delivery tracking can help you!

Monitor and Communication

Managing deliveries isn’t easy – Driver tracking apps can document drivers, their hours, current position, routes and stops, including their estimated delivery time. Using real time data and locations simplifies keeping track of all the moving parts of your business. Time how long stops and deliveries take, as well as how current traffic patterns are affecting your driver’s delivery time.
Moreover, communication is important for any team. A route tracker helps grow managements awareness of road and delivery conditions, as well as the schedules drivers keep. This flow of information both saves time on calls and checkups and streamlines communication between different elements of the supply and delivery chain – managers are involved and up to date on the delivery routes helping them align with their drivers’ current position, update their customers, and make decisions when needed. Delivery Tracking of the last mile, minimizes unnecessary costs and keep productivity and efficiency in check.
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Route Optimization

Road conditions are constantly changing; between traffic, construction, and weather conditions even the most perfectly planned schedule can go awry. Using a route tracker can save immense amounts of time and effort in the long run. The real time data from a route tracker can provide updates on changing timelines and delivery estimates, as well as upcoming roadblocks or obstacles. Drivers spend hours on long roads with multitudes of stops and instructions for delivery. Using software and analysis from a delivery tracker with a bird’s eye view of traffic to build custom routes can create better, faster driving routes and increase driver reaction to road conditions.
Indeed, using route optimization software can build specialty routes for your drivers and delivery schedules, making sure the path taken is the path most optimized.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are always waiting for a package to get to their door. Route tracking gives your customers assurance that their package isn’t out of reach. Showing customers what process their package is in, whether it’s shipped out, and how long until it reaches them is an easy way to give customer service. While road conditions are constantly changing, it can be hard to determine a set-in stone delivery time. Rather than keeping customers in the dark, route trackers offer transparency and security that what they paid for is making its way safely and give more accurate estimations alongside a place of reference for verification. Route trackers can also save time and resources answering customer service calls and ticket requests. All the information the customer needs is already available to them.

Invest in route tracker software to save time and optimize the drive on your next delivery route, and keep you and your clients up to date!