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Deliver Senior Meals – Volunteering Becomes Easy

August 12, 2015

Most people know Meals on Wheels is an amazing program feeding senior, home bound and disabled people in many communities. There are other equivalent programs with the same goal and all have volunteers who utilize their own vehicle at their own cost. These volunteers contribute to the program as part of their desire to be charitable, good upstanding members of the community and can be challenging to find. But what if we told you we could make it easier and more efficient for your volunteers to manage their routes? Perhaps it would help you draw more volunteers to the program.

Volunteers Challenges

No matter where you volunteer, city or town, there are always traffic challenges, road construction, or other deterrents to getting to the meals out to the community. Our Route Planner, offers a tool in which you can have confidence. It will take all the addresses you plug in, with consideration for time gaps, and plan the most efficient route for your volunteers. With real time information, it will help increase fuel efficiency.

Meals on Wheels Using MyRouteOnline

How the unique service of Meals on Wheels operates with the one hour window and the 8-12 customers they need to reach in that time frame, makes the organization a prime candidate for MyRouteOnline. Our Route Planner is designed to be simple and user friendly, so anyone old or young can operate it with ease. Routes can be tweaked and customized to suit the organization, driver, and client’s needs.

One of our users, a District Manager of a 1200 square mile region, runs a Meals on Wheels program with over 1000 clients. “I use this to make sure we are being efferent, and can do a run with the allotted time frame.” What we learned is that the volunteers use our service on a monthly basis, to include changes and make sure the clients are on the right route. With 50 routes, this is very important.

User Friendly and Helpful Tool

You can use our tool for very little cost, and even test it for free so you can see exactly what we are talking about. We understand the challenges facing non-profit organizations and donation funds need to be used wisely. Using MyRouteOnline could help you recruit new volunteers, and keep your veterans happy and save them money, without an exorbitant expense to the organization.

MyRouteOutline has a goal to make driving easier and less stressful for everyone. The software is designed to keep hands on the wheel, and get people to their destinations safely. Check it out today!