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Cupid: Delivering love on time with route planning software

February 04, 2022
Valentines Day 2022

Valentine Day’s Deliveries

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, which means a period of very high demand for gifts, special surprises for significant others, romantic gestures, flowers and teddy bears. For business owners delivering gifts and products, this is a very important, productive and busy period. According to Statista, in recent years, up to 61% of Americans planned to buy Valentine’s Day gifts for their partner. For a business owner, this brings about both an incredible opportunity, as well as a challenge.

Seizing the Opportunity

Of the first two months of the year, Valentine’s Day marks the beginning of the new sales season. After consumers have taken a break from buying gifts and products following the Christmas season, the 14th of February starts a new shopping season. If your business sells jewelry, flowers, or candy, there is a high chance that this is the single day you will be generating the most revenue out of the entire year. Studies by CNBC and the National Retail Federation, respectively, indicate that, in 2021, Americans spent approximately $1.8 billion on candy and around $5 billion on jewelry. To get in on these sales, however, you need to make sure that your Valentine’s Day deliveries all reach their destination safely and on time.

The Importance of Being Punctual on Special Days

Ensuring that Valentine’s Day deliveries are punctual is perhaps the most important aspect for delivering goods intended as gifts. If the gift is not on time, most customers will cancel the order and quickly procure a more easily accessible gift. To avoid that, you will want a delivery route planner to make sure that all your routes are optimized for the fastest delivery time. No matter how many routes a driver may have in a day, the planner will always provide the shortest distances and the least traffic. This way, you can make all of your customers happy to ensure customer retainability and turn the customers into your sales agents. There is little that people appreciate more than making their partners, the most important people in their life, happy. So, if your business can manage that, it will definitely gain a permanent place in the customer’s heart. This Valentine’s Day, make love come true and make the customers fall in love with your business too, using MyRouteOnline!

Why Use MyRouteOnline?
MyRouteOnline is a route planning software available fully online, in browser. It supports up to 1000 stops, to make sure you do not miss any Valentine’s gift, even if it might be the busiest day in your business year. With MyRouteOnline, your drivers will never backtrack, they will follow the shortest routes and your customers will feel loved not only by their partners, but by your company too. You can now easily import an order list into the planner, which automatically plots your route and gives you directions, being able to export them to your preferred GPS. This will ensure that this Valentine’s Day, your business will be the real Cupid that everyone is waiting for!
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