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Creating a Route Between Multiple Locations

September 11, 2018

Did you know, creating direct routes between multiple locations can be the next step toward helping your business mature? When it comes to having multiple stops around town, simply plotting each one into Google Maps won’t cut it. You’ll find that the route you’ve produced not only takes double – or even triple – the amount of time to accomplish, but also it’s highly inefficient – wasting you a lot of business time and resources.
However, business owners can avoid wasteful practices and cut the stress by creating efficient multi-stop routes with the use of route optimization software. This type of solution has a vast array of benefits, that greatly affect a business’s bottom line.

So, here are three reasons you should make creating a route between multiple locations a priority for your business.

It Promotes Efficient Use of Time

Route planning is extremely complicated. With so many factors that need to be taken into consideration, such as locations, delivery windows, vehicle constraints, road closures, driver availability and so on – plotting a route can turn into a logistics nightmare.

Fleet managers who attempt to manually figure out which roads their drivers must take to reach the planned destinations will find themselves wasting crucial hours of their valuable time creating a route. But, this route most likely won’t be 100% reliable, as with countless factors to take into consideration it’s close to impossible to create an error-free and efficient route.

Also, these types of routes can actually end up meaning longer hours on the road for drivers, and more backtracking – thereby more wasted time and resources than necessary.

Obviously, this has a direct effect on your bottom line. But when you have route optimization software, you can cut delivery times – guaranteeing your drivers reach more destinations in a shorter amount of time – and significantly cut planning time – allowing fleet managers to utilize their time focusing on more important tasks.

With MyRouteOnline’s easy to use software, you can save even more time as there is no set-up and planning routes takes only 3 clicks. Simply import your destinations, set your parameters, and click Plan My Route. You’ll receive an efficiently optimized route in mere seconds that’ll efficiently utilize working hours – allowing employees to achieve more in their working day.

It Makes Customers Happy

Keeping customers happy is crucial if you want to maintain a successful business. Often overlooked, the aspect of customer satisfaction is becoming more and more important. In fact, a consumer survey showed that 66% of shoppers bought goods from one retailer in preference to another because the delivery services on offer were more appealing.

Also, customers won’t hesitate to voice their disappointment and poor delivery experiences and usually take to social media to let out frustrations with a business. This is extremely damaging for a business, and will surely lead to a loss of many customers.

Fast, efficient, dependable delivery has never once caused a business to lose a client. Having a system in place to facilitate quick service will ensure that your customers receive deliveries that they can count on. Route planning software tools like MyRouteOnline can provide you with this system.

With MyRouteOnline, you can achieve efficient routing. With our delivery plan, your drivers will reach all deliveries, pick-ups, service calls, and so on, at the designated arrival time, as well as, accomplish more destinations in one day.

This means, your business will be able to establish itself as providing stellar delivery services, and even next day deliveries – which is what all customers are looking for.

It Gives More Value for Money

With the rising gas prices, managers are finding it stressful handling expenses all the while turning a profit – and the boom in e-commerce isn’t doing any fleet manager any favors.

Finding a way to drastically obtain more value for all business resources is key to thrive in the competitive and challenging market.

As we’ve established, with a direct delivery plan businesses can increase delivery times and add more value to employees’ working hours. But, what about business resources?

With an efficient route plotted, drivers can reach their intended destinations in less time, and with the least amount of backtracking. This means, drivers will be in the car for less time which in turn increases employee and customer satisfaction, reduces fuel use, and vehicle wear and tear, saving money on vehicle maintenance and fuel.

Our services provide you with the tools to save money on vehicle maintenance and fuel costs by helping you plot the most efficient route. This route will seamlessly get your driver’s where they need to go in the shortest amount of time, all the while, saving you money and appeasing the business budget.

If promoting efficient use of time is a priority for your business, we look forward to helping you discover the benefits of using MyRouteOnline. To learn more please don’t hesitate to contact us.