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Create an Online Presence to Reach New Customers

June 22, 2020
Create an Online Presence

As COVID-19 spread across the world, businesses have suddenly faced new challenges. Among the most urgent was the need to quickly find new ways of connecting with customers.
Farmers were among those affected, as the closure of restaurants and bars meant their customers evaporated as the virus unfurled. Farmers markets and other face-to-face venues were also canceled, eliminating traditional locations for sales.
However, people still needed food and supplies. So, some food producers got creative in the way they connected with customers. They also began to establish new delivery services to get their products in the right hands as fast as possible.
One MyRouteOnline customer created a simple Google Form, and sent the link to current and potential customers. When customers filled out the form, Google added these orders and addresses to a spreadsheet. The company could then fulfill the orders and import the addresses into MyRouteOnline to optimize delivery routes.
This innovative solution helped this small business make smart decisions by simplifying the way they interacted with customers. They also expanded their potential customer base with new delivery services. Best of all, they saved time and money by integrating Google Sheets with MyRouteOnline to create optimized delivery routes.
When times are challenging, businesses need to think differently to connect with their customers. MyRouteOnline is here to help. Our affordable route planning service can increase your productivity and keep you organized and efficient, giving your business a competitive edge.  
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