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COVID-19 impact on businesses and delivery times

November 01, 2021

From local businesses to industry monopolising powerhouses, businesses everywhere have suffered a significant impact on their functionality as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Such a loss of process and productivity has had severe consequences. MyRouteOnline is here to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and the handy tool that will enable them to thrive once again.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Imports
Businesses in countries across the globe have felt the strain of restriction on international delivery importation. The elongated process of importing goods has had consequences of extended arrival time; ultimately resulting in dissatisfied customers, a loss of product, and ultimately revenue.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Deliveries
COVID-19 has had a significant impact on delivery status and times for businesses everywhere. Beginning with restrictions on the import of goods, delivering products on time has been made a further difficulty due to understaffed packing warehouses and delivery drivers on the road. Social distancing, isolation and forced redundancies united to prevent goods being delivered at all, let alone in their most desirable form of next working day delivery.

The overall Impact of Covid-19 on Businesses
As detailed above, the impact of COVID-19 to businesses often begins with restricted imports, resulting in spoiled goods or luxuries that are no longer ‘in season’ upon eventual arrival. Slow dispatch results in slow deliveries, even with access to puntual drivers – something of which many businesses had to go without due to social distancing and a reduction in staff.

Ultimately the above will have consequences of both wasted product and fuel. This will result in customers that are disappointed in the economics of a business; in addition to being disappointed that they have not received their item. Such depreciation in customer satisfaction rates will have a severe impact to the reputation of a business; further resulting in a loss of both customers, shareholder worth and revenue.

As a consequence of the above implications, businesses across the globe will be working to redeem themselves and their reputations; to later rejuvenate their revenue and worth.

Enhance your efficiency with MyRoute Planner

Using the MyRouteOnline Optimisation tool will work to salvage the implications of COVID-19 to businesses through:

An increased capacity to deliver
Using a route planner will ensure that your delivery drivers are on time, in time, every time. This enriches businesses with a greater capacity to deliver.

Improved customer satisfaction
When a quality product is delivered to customers, their satisfaction rates will be tenfold, ultimately enhancing customer loyalty and maximising a positive reputation.

Redeeming reputation
Optimised routes will also work to reduce wasted product and fuel, which is incredibly significant to many consumers.

In the coming years, businesses around the globe will be working to redeem the functionality and revenue lost as a consequence of the COVID-19 Pandemic. MyRouteOnline has constructed a planner that optimizes routes, which will maximise the efficiency of businesses everywhere. The features and benefits of our compact planner are detailed on our website.
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