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Coronavirus Outbreak Sparks Demand for Delivery Services

March 15, 2020

As the World Health Organization (WHO) declares COVID-19 an official global pandemic, companies offering delivery services are seeing a surge in demand as more people limit daily activities that bring them in close contact with others.
Online shopping has ballooned as more people buy supplies and goods on the Internet instead of a store. Sales of products that can safeguard health—such as gloves, masks and sanitizers—jumped 817% in February compared with the previous month, according to Adobe Analytics.
All those orders need to be delivered, of course. And that’s causing any company that offers delivery services to find ways wherever possible to keep up.
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Benefits of Online Route Planning

MyRouteOnline users are finding the benefits of online routing planning grow exponentially as they cope with the increase in demand for delivery services. Users simply go online before beginning deliveries and plug in the addresses. MyRouteOnline then creates the most logical routes optimized for either time or mileage. Users can also add time gaps between stops, improving accuracy on delivery times.
“We were able to maximize driver/vehicle fuel efficiency by shortening drive time and distance,” said Tim Newton, Swanson Industries dispatcher and a long-time MyRouteOnline user. “MyRouteOnline is by far the easiest to use of any service I explored. It’s a great tool that any dispatcher running delivery vehicles needs to have in his/her electronic toolbox.”
Online route planning with MyRouteOnline saves time by creating efficient routes while eliminating the problem of getting lost. The reduced mileage also decreases wear on vehicles and fuel costs.
Using MyRouteOnline creates a system to record when a delivery is received at the destination, thereby avoiding profit losses from incorrect or fraudulent claims. Routes are accessible from any smartphone, making it easy on drivers.

Impact Likely to Grow

As the fear of COVID-19 infection compels more people to stay at their homes, the impact on delivery services is expected the surge even more.
The need for delivery on essential items like food and household supplies will likely spark even more demand. And, as always, timing is crucial in these challenging times.
MyRouteOnline can help companies of all sizes optimize deliveries and meet the growing demands caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.
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