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Cleaning House: Mobiles Replace Common Household Items

December 05, 2017
Navigate with your mobile

How many times have you been accused of being on your phone ‘all the time’? Today, mobile phones are standard accessories and hold so many conveniences that we used to carry in pocket books or store in our home. Smartphones have made many of these items obsolete, and not just phone books either.

Way beyond a phone

Some of the obvious items are watch, alarm clock, calculator, game consoles and television remote control. But some of the less obvious items which we may not even realize are digital scales, diet and cookbooks, bus/train schedules, compass, maps and bank cards.

Our life has become consolidated into a small device that weighs merely a few ounces and fits in our pocket.
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Newspapers, camera, date book, playing cards, tape measure, dictionary and thesaurus are just a handful of a few more that are easily replaced by your smartphone. Imagine packing all these things every day to take to work or school in the morning?

Thirty years ago, it was exciting when the boom box became portable and took 8-10 size D batteries so you could bring it with you anywhere. Traveling for business with it was still a challenge though until the walkman and portable cd players came out. Needless to say, all of those things are obsolete with the capabilities of your phone. Music storage or streaming your favorite artists, the smartphone has become the entertainment center of the future and so easy to take on the plane on your business trip.

Maps and Route Planning on the go

Perhaps the most convenient for anyone on the go, is having access to a Route Planner. If you are a traveling sales person or just on the road to meet a few new clients, using MyRouteOnline makes it simple. Load all the stops you want to make into the route planner and once it has run through the optimization program, out pops a route plan that you can use with your phone, and will conserve gas and mileage for you.

Smartphones truly are hand held geniuses for which we would be carrying around a minimum of two duffle bags worth of items if we wanted to have access to all the things that we find on our phone. This pocket size device is our present and our future so the next time someone asks you why you are always on your phone, remind them of all the things you would be carrying if you didn’t have one!