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Cleaning Companies Making Profits and Reducing Costs

November 21, 2018
Cleaning Companies

Long gone are the days of stay at home moms and internal cleaning crews. Commercial and residential cleaning companies makeup a growing industry, increasing at an average rate of 6.6% per year. It has become a necessity in both areas because whether managing a business or home, people are viewing their time better spent elsewhere than cleaning the home or office. It is a stable field where people can find steady work and companies have a constant stream of clients. The two main challenges facing individual companies are maximizing profits and effective marketing.

These two work in tandem as well as in opposition. While marketing is a necessary cost, poor marketing can drain profits leaving you with zero return on investment. The purpose of effective marketing is to drive sales, leading to higher revenues and hopefully an increase in net profit.

It is tricky to initially find your niche in marketing. Exploring different marketing avenues can be an expensive venture. Digital marketing is a relatively new force in the marketing world. Primarily focusing on social media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it can be an inexpensive and effective way to market. The biggest resource you use, if you do it yourself, is time. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have proven to be effective in marketing – once you have your audience.

With effective marketing, the revenue will start pouring in and leaving you with how best to manage the bottom line. One of the largest costs aside from labor is transportation, i.e. fuel, repairs and time at each stop. If you are trying to maximize a cleaning team’s day with multiple stops, there are many variables that can throw a wrench in the plan. From traffic to longer time needed at a location to finish the job, stacking a day with guesswork or even a route plan can be cause for problems.

MyRouteOnline can help resolve a good portion of your transportation cost issues. The program is designed to create optimized routes, maximizing the time for your cleaning team to get the job done. You can enter as many as 350 addresses and create routes that not only save time but fuel costs and wear and tear on vehicles.

One of many benefits to using MyRouteOnline is the ability to make adjustments on the fly and access all the route information from a smartphone. Because it is all done on the website, with real time updates, you can make any necessary changes seamlessly for you, your cleaning team and clients. Another great benefit is the ability to set service time into consideration. For example, if you know one location takes 90 minutes to clean, factor that into the route planning and the optimizer will give you total travel time and cleaning time in the end.

Using MyRouteOnline is one cost effective way to maximize your profits, allowing great planning for your company. This reduces the stress on your teams out in the field and provides top notch customer service for your clients. Your time frames will be reliable, fuel costs reduced, and increase the productivity of your teams. This will leave you more time and money to focus on marketing and getting the name of your business out there, successfully!

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