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Census Enumerators Find Direction with MyRouteOnline

July 27, 2020
Census takers Find Direction with MyRouteOnline

The U.S. Constitution mandates that a census of the population be conducted every 10 years. In 2020, there are more than 300 million people living in the United States so getting an accurate count of each and every one of them is no easy feat.

During this stressful time, the Census may seem like a meaningless bureaucratic exercise. In fact, counting everyone in the country is an essential government function that will have lasting impacts for the rest of the decade. Census statistics are used to determine the number of seats each state holds in the U.S. House of Representatives and inform how state, local and federal lawmakers will allocate billions of dollars in federal funds.

MyRouteOnline wants to support the 21st Century Census with its biggest challenge: conducting large-scale operations in a financially responsible way.
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While the 2020 Census will be conducted primarily online, a large number of Census Enumerators (also referred to as Census Takers) will also be dispatched around the country to ensure the widest participation possible. Census Enumerators visit special areas (such as remote Alaska and areas that have recently experienced natural disasters) and follow up by phone or in person with households that don’t self-respond. Census Enumerators are managed from local field offices by Field Supervisors, many of whom are new to the logistical nightmare that comes with managing a fleet of drivers.
Reliable route planning software such as MyRouteOnline is incredibly important to keep these pop-up operations running smoothly. MyRouteOnline automates route planning, enabling more efficient case assignments and determining optimal travel routes based on real-time data.

With MyRouteOnline, the 2020 Census can be conducted with ease. Drivers can create optimized routes, automatically generate trips and schedules as well as minimize their personal vehicle wear and tear.

The 2020 Census has been a work in progress since the 2010 Census. Many innovations have been made to promote participation, streamline data collection procedures, and ensure the security of collected data. This includes leveraging the Internet to improve self-response rates across the nation and participation among the traditionally undercounted.

All things considered, the Census remains a massive field operation with many moving parts. The 2020 Census operations need to be further innovated to include route planning software.

MyRouteOnline is ready and able to fulfill these requirements. Our system is easily scalable and was designed to streamline massive field operations, thereby reducing costs. Our past successes with country-wide organizational efforts speak to the robustness of the MyRouteOnline software.

MyRouteOnline was designed to simplify multi-stop routes. Bulk upload data, filter and prioritize addresses, and generate a route optimized for time, distance, or both. Confidently reroute as needed, even in unfamiliar areas.

As a Census Enumerator or a Field Supervisor, it’s important to be able to plan routes so that people are reached at the appropriate times. If a family is visited at the wrong time of day, they will not answer the door and it will be a wasted trip. Also, with a spread out population, it’s easy to get lost on the back roads or to miss unmarked turns.

Spend less time driving and more time doing. The 2020 Census Enumerators are paid by the hour and this time is best spent talking people through Census questions, not sitting in a car.

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