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Catering the Holidays: Boost Sales for the Season

December 02, 2015

In preparation for the holiday season, many catering businesses are looking to increase their revenues from last year. Having a fully booked season from mid-November into the New Year is every caterer’s dream. To maximize profits through additional revenue and keeping costs low, here are a few tips and tricks for you to boost your sales for the season:

  1. Visit Local Businesses: Cold calling can seem like a daunting challenge, but if you bring a little goodie bag, you will get the attention of the executive assistants. This can include mini cookies or pastry samples and will give you a foothold in the door to connect with those who are typically in charge of booking the holiday events. Whether just a simple employee appreciation luncheon at the office or a black tie dinner affair, be flexible and open. Caterers who build relationships are the most successful.

  2. Get Involved: There are always seasonal events around town or in local cities, such as tree lightings or Holiday Parades. These are golden opportunities to get involved, book holiday parties, and more importantly, build rapport with the community. You can find these on local websites, social media and city/town maintained sites. Call the event organizers to find out how you can be involved.

  3. Become a Preferred Vendor: Many venues who do not offer food and beverage services will have a preferred vendor list for their clients who reserve their space. In order to get on the list, you may need a specific type of license or permit, which may be a small invest with a big return. Reach out to these venues and find out how to get on their list.

  4. Manage Time and Costs: During the height of the holiday season, it is easy to lose sight of keeping costs down. When revenues are coming in fast and furiously, owners and managers are more apt to spend a little extra for convenience. However, when out on the road making deliveries or meeting prospective clients, you can save money and time by using MyRouteOnline. Our route planning program will plan your routes efficiently, reducing your planning time and maximizing fuels costs and time on the road.

Don’t let this holiday season pass by without capitalizing on opportunities to build your business. The more you are able to be involved in the community and partner with other complementary businesses, the more you will drive revenues. Protect those profits by using MyRouteOnline to save time and costs.
May you have a safe and joy filled holiday season!