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Catering for the growing demand for Next Day Delivery

November 17, 2021
Next Day Delivery

As we delve deeper into the digital age of online shopping, customers everywhere want their products immediately – hence the growing demand for next day delivery services. As the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the shopping habits of billions around the globe, next day delivery naturally realises continued growth. It is an important factor in delivery services, fleet services and online orders. MyRouteOnline can help solve your problem for the growing demand of these customers through our route optimising planners.

Why is Next Day Delivery the best?

Next Day Delivery has an abundance of desirable factors, particularly appealing to those delivering perishable goods such as food orders.
Closer to home, delivery drivers, Couriers and online food delivery services will collect from the shop and deliver straight to the customer’s door. The use of an optimising route planner will ensure they reach their destination quickly and safely to satisfy the customer’s expectations. This is particular to companies such as Uber Eats; if their food goes cold on an unnecessarily long route that hasn’t been optimised, the business will lose both the customer and experience damage to their reputation.

How do we help plan your routes?

MyRouteOnline brings you the enhanced technology to plan and optimise your delivery process routes – minimising risks and maximising productivity potential. Our route planner can include 350 stops at any one time, enabling drivers to reach suppliers or customers in the most efficient time – something of economic and functional value to your delivery or fleet business.

How are our routes optimised?

MyRouteOnline has been ultra optimised to guide you to the fastest routes, enabling you to deliver to suppliers, supply chain or customers, even adapting your route to suit your weather conditions. This is ideal for commercial drivers, driving on the continent or driving in countries or states with unfamiliar surroundings. This will be hugely beneficial for time management, transportation expenses and the environment, ensuring the customer gets their delivery the next day and top-rated customer service.

What are the benefits of Next Day Delivery for your business?

For those customers who have busy schedules, next day delivery is the perfect service to provide as it means customers are not continuously waiting for their parcels. By offering next day delivery, you are ensuring customers can get on with more important jobs.

With MyRouteOnline’s route planning software you can expect more customer visits, fewer miles on the road, a quick turnaround and increased sales, with optimised routes at the touch of a button to enhance your delivery capabilities. With our innovations, you keep your customers informed and your business one step ahead.

Get the quickest route and driving directions in 3 easy steps:

  1. Insert multiple destinations.
  2. Set goals such as multiple routes, service time and more.
  3. Click ‘Plan My Route’ to create the best multi-stop route.

Benefits are abundant to businesses that choose to use a highly sought after route planner service. Visit our website today for more information on our services.
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