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Rely on Mapping Technologies for Deliveries

January 31, 2023
Route Management

The number of online local and global mapping services has been constantly increasing. This shows how important mapping technologies are. Businesses in the Pickup and Delivery industry have been using this technology to reduce their costs and increase their bottom line.

Same-Day Deliveries

After Covid-19 the delivery market got more and more competitive.
Businesses from different industries offer same day delivery and customers respond well. Customers are not only satisfied with this service, but rather learnt to expect it. This service allows customers to get same day delivery on items such as clothes, groceries and the list is long, from local stores.
The secret to grabbing the most customers, will be one of these companies convincing customers that their delivery app offers the most and the best, and that there’s no need for another app. Another very important factor is the customer service and experience. The customers want to know where their item is, and expect to get it within the time window they were promised.
Some companies offer free deliveries, some charge a flat fee or a minimum purchase and others charge a different rate based on the total cart’s value.
Supply Chain Management Review shows that 42% of the 1100 organizations they’ve checked, rely on their own fleet of delivery vehicles. This is another aspect that differentiate companies because others are hybrid or use a third party provider.

Delivery Route Mapping

In the competitive market of our on-demand society, route management software can save both time and fuel. Companies using our Route Planner, can use our Google Maps Based Route Planner, Waze for accurate mapping options. For more information on how to put efficiency in your delivery route, contact us.
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