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Rely on Mapping Technologies for Deliveries

March 10, 2015
Delivery route truck

Uber buys mapping startup – these are the latest news. This shows how important mapping technologies are. Especially for the Pickup and Delivery business.

Uber Corner Store

After launching the Uber Corner Store, the delivery market got more and more competitive.
Uber — known for transportation on demand — opening this same day delivery, is just a test, according to Wired, but if customers respond well, it may be around for a long time to come. This service allows customers to get same day delivery on items such as toothpaste and bandages and over 100 more items, from local stores.

Same-Day Delivery

By offering same-day delivery, Uber just put itself in competition with the likes of Amazon and Google, who are also trying out same-day delivery in several markets around the country. Other companies throwing their hat into the delivery ring include WunWun and Postmates, who exclusively offer courier and delivery services. The secret to grabbing the most customers, the article noted, will be one of these companies convincing customers that their delivery app offers the most and the best, and that there’s no need for another app.
For now, Uber’s service is free and you’re only charged what the list says the item costs, with no delivery fee or minimum purchase. However, the company will eventually have to figure out how to make money on the proposition in order to make it viable, the article stated, either by taking a cut on the sales or charging a delivery fee.

Delivery Route Mapping

In the competitive market of our on-demand society, delivery route mapping can save both time and fuel. Companies using our Route Planner, can now use our Vehicle Size feature, to include order size and truck volume in their route planning. For more information on how to put efficiency in your delivery route, contact us.