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Businesses Adapt to the COVID Way of Doing Business

December 17, 2020
Small business during Covid-19

COVID-19 has shaped the business world more than anything since the dawn of the Internet. And while many small businesses feel like they’re starting behind the eight ball, adapting to these changes offers new opportunities that can make surviving—and thriving—in our post-pandemic world possible.
Big businesses came into the new COVID-19 reality with significant advantages. But the technology once only available to large companies can also be harnessed by smaller businesses, improving their ability to compete.

Adapt Quickly

Small businesses hold a big advantage. Typically, they can adapt quickly, as their size prevents new ventures from getting bogged down in the bureaucracy that comes with big corporations. The faster small businesses can adapt during these turbulent times, the higher their success.
Developing or strengthening multi stop delivery routes capabilities and building your business community present new opportunities to quickly adapt your small business to a pandemic.

Delivery Services

Demand for delivery services have provided significant growth. COVID-19 has sparked a surge in demand for delivery services as more people limit daily activities that bring them in close contact with others.
For example, the online grocery delivery market is poised to grow by USD 631.84 billion during 2020-2024, progressing at a CAGR of almost 29% during the forecast period, according to Technavio, a global technology research and advisory company.
While big chains came into the pandemic with established delivery services, small businesses can ramp up their efforts, as well.
Online ordering is simpler than ever before. Pair that with delivery services, and promote it on websites and social media to compete with larger companies.
Harness the capabilities of affordable routing software like MyRouteOnline to save time creating delivery routes, fuel usage, vehicle wear and tear, employee time, and expenditures. Routes are accessible from any smartphone, making it easy on drivers.

Building on Your Community

As 2020 has proven, you must be ready to pivot on a dime to survive in an ever-changing landscape. But one thing hasn’t changed in the pandemic—people still prefer to buy from people they know.
COVID-19 has reminded people about the value of their local businesses. There’s no better time to invest wisely in your company and customers. Take the time now to reconnect to your communities, giving you a new chance to recover from lost revenue.
A disrupting force like COVID-19 results in fear. But fear is the enemy of creative thinking and of the adaptation of new technology—two of the best investments to make in uncertain times. Focus on your company’s infrastructure and customer engagement to find new opportunities and capitalize on them.
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