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Catering Logistics Challenges

July 09, 2019

Summer has just started but schools around the country are getting ready to welcome students back into their halls. The logistics around the first day of school is a lot to handle, and the staff needs to be prepared with route optimization for school buses and catering, as well as school’s supply.

One of the most important things that help kids focus and excel in school is good nutrition. With that, school meal programs are an important part of the school year. Many institutions turn to catering delivery services as they can be more cost effective than having a full kitchen operation in the school, especially for a small educational facility. The cost of running a food operation within the school can be exorbitant, between payroll, equipment, repairs and of course, cost of goods, catering the school food is a very good option.

Catering companies looking for new institutional clients are positioned well if they can target whole school districts, serving schools from elementary through high school. The trick here is to keep the costs at a level that makes it not only profitable for the company but cost effective for the school. Prepared food costs much more than wholesale goods, but a good catering company can offset some of the cost through volume.

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The benefits of volume help catering companies save money on cost of goods because buying food in bulk has steeper discounts. Not to mention a mass production of menu items allows for less labor to be used. Catering companies that look for cost effective methods of doing business will find themselves poised to win profitable contracts from school districts.

Another large cost for catering companies is the cost of transportation. Fleets require maintenance, fuel and of course, drivers. To save on high ticket items such as these three, using MyRouteOnline’s Route Planner will see immediate and significant savings from day one. The route planner offers up to 350 stops on a route, all which are organized in the most cost effective way to save time, gas and wear and tear on vehicles. MyRouteOnline is an inexpensive investment that will help catering companies that deliver to schools save even more money, increasing the profit margin on their contracts.

Catering companies are busy all summer and this will ramp up even more in September when school is in session. MyRouteOnline is ready to assist in making the transition for catering companies as smooth as possible.