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An efficient courier route planner

December 29, 2014

Efficient Courier Routes

Using an efficient courier route planner is the only cost-effective way for a delivery business to cover its routes on a daily basis without losing money. There are many instances when routes are covered inefficiently because the drivers are not familiar with their territories. Moreover, drivers who run into trouble or traffic do not have easy and efficient ways of getting around their obstacles.

However, a courier route planning program can help couriers begin their day on the right foot and alter their route as needed throughout the day.

Imagine this scenario:
A courier is given an optimized route to begin the day. However, he or she runs into traffic after the second stop. Then two more urgent packages come in, that must be delivered that day. The courier is the only person on duty, and all the packages must be delivered that day during business hours.

The best route, from the beginning

With a courier route planning program, the courier is sent on to his or her route, in the right direction, to begin with. Then, the program can adjust the route as soon as the courier runs into trouble. Additional stops can be added during the route, and the drivers can go back to the office and out in the field, to deliver the urgent packages that came in late that day.
With the help of a courier route planning program, every courier can be sent on a drive which is efficient, not frustrated, and deliver great customer service to each recipient.
For optimized courier routes, contact us today and we’ll send you on the right way to driving less, saving money and satisfying every customer.