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Addicted to Yard Sales? Get the Best Deal

August 18, 2014

A Route Planner Can Help you get the Best Deals!

Once the warm weather hits, it’s rummage sale season, and many hard-core bargain hunters love to spend at least one day a week searching for treasure. If this describes you then you know a route planner can help you beat out the competition to get the best deals.

Randomly choosing addresses is inefficient
Many yard sale shoppers get organized by writing down the addresses of all the sales they want to stop at, but getting to them is another story.
Sure, you can plug them in your GPS one at a time, but you more than likely find yourself frustrated that you’re zig-zagging all over town, wasting time and gas.
You could also put them into a map website and try to find the most efficient route, but that could take hours if you have many stops to make.

Route Planning Software Can Help you Save Time
A route planning app is a great solution to save you time and money. Simply enter the addresses you need to get to or import them from a document, and the app does the rest. You can send the directions to a phone, email, or GPS, and you’re ready to go without any concern of wasting time or gas.

Use a Route Planner to get There First!
How many times have you shown up at a rummage sale only to find someone else walking to their car with a fabulous find? Or the person you saw shopping at a sale earlier in the morning has somehow beat you to all the other sales? Inefficient route planning leads to losing out on deals and that can easily be avoided by using a route planner.

You know the old saying that one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. If you’re tired of missing out on the treasure in your yard or estate sale ventures, contact us. It’s time to let technology help you so you can find the best deals before everyone else.