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Easter is coming and Online gift shops need to Deliver

April 02, 2015

From flowers to spring cookies and wine, Easter Baskets are flying…

How will a shop or an online service guarantee that everything is delivered on time, just when Easter bunny arrives? by using a Route Planning service, to have the quickest possible delivery route, in the most cost effective way. Technology can help make this happen with the use of a courier route planner. When this is used courier services are able to perform automatic planning as well as dispatch, route planning and more. It is an effective way to optimize logistics and operations.

Order Size

When a company is involved in route planning, the first goal is to have the most effective assignments for each vehicle. The next goal is to have the best possible sequence of customer locations to be serviced by every vehicle. One thing to consider when meeting these goals is the transport capacity of each vehicle. The number of items to be delivered for each customer and more. This can be determined by using our Order Size feature that consider the vehicle capacity when planning your route.

Optimized Route

Considering the capacity is one thing, but the order in which Easter baskets are delivered is another. Our program presents your list of addresses on the map, examines it and calculates distance and time between all locations, and then determines which routes are the most cost effective. This was previously done with maps and pins and can be done today, when the number of deliveries is small. When there are lots of people waiting for their Easter gifts, and not too much time to spend, you should consider an automatic Route Planner for this task.


Being able to use only the exact number of vehicles to do the job is essential. Using an online tool for planning routes, can successfully enable you to reduce the distance traveled and time necessary to complete a route.
If you would like to know about the advantages provided by our web-based route planner we can help. Contact us today and learn more.