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2021 New Year’s Business Resolutions that you Should Make

January 04, 2021
New Year-2021

If you haven’t made a New Year’s resolution for your business in 2021, it’s time to catch up. There’s always room for improvement. The business world is always changing and it’s important to evolve with it. Every new year is a chance to take a look at how your business is succeeding and where it may need some help. What can you do to cut costs? How can you manage your time better? Take a step back and look at the big picture.
Here are some great New Year’s resolutions which are most helpful. Pick one of these that fits your goals best and you’ll see great improvements in 2021. 2020 was so challenging that this can’t be too hard…

Take a Look Back at 2020

This past year seems to have flown by. It will help you decide on the best resolution if you take a look back at everything you’ve accomplished. But take note of all the improvements you could make. Think about all the things you and your team did. Assess how full your own plate was. Consider if there was anything you could have delegated to your employees. They’re there to help you, so let them.
If you were at all overwhelmed in 2020, resolve to pass on some of the work to one of your capable team members. If you feel there’s more you could have done yourself, try to get more involved in 2021.

Reevaluate Your Skills

It’s common for business owners to invest a lot of time in training their employees. It’s important to offer them the opportunity to learn new skills. But it’s just as important for you, as the business owner, to keep learning as well. If you don’t keep your mind sharp, you’ll fall behind other businesses. This year has taught us to be creative and sharp. You need to be able to keep up with your employees and keep up with the ever-changing market.
Take a look at what you know already. Are there any areas of your job that you struggle with? Think about this and single out the areas where there’s room for improvement. Take the initiative to educate yourself and fine tune your skills. This will benefit your business for the coming years. And you’ll feel confident that you’ve got what it takes to help your business succeed. 2020 showed us that we can learn online. We don’t need to drive and spend hours studying away from home, we can find anything we need on the web.

Go Green

A great way for your business to save money in 2021 is to make an effort to go green. Go paperless wherever you can and use more energy efficient appliances.
Anytime someone prints or faxes something in your office, it gets thrown away eventually. When you throw away all that paper you’re throwing away money. And why would you want to throw away money? Using Google Docs or DropBox will help you cut back on paper use and save money at a dramatic rate. They’re free and there’s no catch.
There are even energy efficient office appliances that you can buy. Energy efficient appliances work just as well but they use compact fluorescent light bulbs. They can be more expensive than regular office appliances but in the long run, you’re saving a ton of money.

Plan Efficient Delivery Routes

If you want to save your business some money, it’s important to look at every way that you’re spending. Even take a look at how you’re putting out deliveries. Are you planning specific routes for your trucks to get to their delivery locations? In 2021, you should resolve to use some efficient route planning systems. There are many money-saving tricks you can use but this one is a no-brainer. Route planning software can calculate the quickest routes to get your deliveries out. This way you save money on gas, maintenance and other necessary things that cost a lot. By using these tools, you’ll be also saving time planning your routes.

Take Advantage of Cloud Sourcing

According to moneycrashers website, it costs roughly $4,000 to hire new employees. Then there’s the added expense of training, sick days, vacation days and insurance. Thanks to cloud sourcing it’s become much cheaper to find people to do the work you need to get done. It’s becoming more and more popular to hire people from sites like Upwork. There, you can view portfolios and see feedback from previous clients. People can work from home and don’t need to come to the office, 2020 has totally proved that.
There is an unlimited number of things you can do to help your business grow in 2021. Just remember to take some time for yourself. Recharge. That’s one of the best resolutions that applies to everyone. Not just business owners. And who doesn’t like saving money? Do what you can to cut costs and earn more money in the new year rather than spend more. Good luck and have a Happy New Year.

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