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Use Google based route planner to optimize multiple destinations for Google Maps and GPS

Use MyRouteOnline routes with any GPS device and google maps routes

Find out why MyRouteOnline Route Planner is better than any GPS

  • Multiple routes — Separate your address list to multiple routes.
  • 350 addresses — Plan as many as 350 addresses in one route.
  • Import contacts — Automatically enter multiple addresses.
  • Manual changes — View the entire route and manually change the order of the stops.
  • Various optimization goals — Choose one out of 4 optimization goals.
  • Multi-route parameters — Set various multi-route parameters:
    • Max. duration — Set a limit to your route’s duration.
    • Max. stops — Set a limit to the number of stops you visit in each route.
    • Service time — Include the time at a location in your route’s duration.
  • Save routes — Save your route plan to your computer.
  • Email routesSend your route plan to your email or iPhone.
Google maps optimization for multi stop routes

Google maps optimization for multi stop routes

MyRouteOnline Google Maps GPS
Single route optimization Yes Yes Yes
Multiple routes optimization Yes No No
Manual changes Yes No Yes
# of adresses 350 16 10
Multi-route parameters Yes No No
Save Routes Yes Yes Yes
Email Routes Yes Yes No
Excel Import/Export Yes No No

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